We want you to be well-informed and well-prepared throughout treatment. Please feel free to ask questions about your procedure. The following information may help you prepare questions to ask during your consultation.

Before Surgery

Do not eat or drink anything at least eight hours before surgery. Do not smoke for 12 hours before surgery. Make sure you have someone to accompany you to surgery and drive you home afterward. Do not wear any jewelry, contact lenses or dentures on your day of surgery. Ask your doctor about your prescribed medication to ensure that it is safe to take before surgery.

After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You will need some postoperative care to reduce the chance of infection or other complications after wisdom tooth extraction. We will place a sterile gauze pad over the extraction site. Keep this in place for at least 45 minutes. Avoid drinking from a straw or rinsing your mouth to protect the blood clot that has formed. Resume your regular activities the next day after extraction. To reduce any discomfort after the local anesthetic wears off, use an ice pack or take either an OTC pain reliever or one prescribed by Dr. Trinh-Pham.

After Dental Implant Surgery

Take at easy for two or three days after implant surgery. This will speed the healing process and reduce bleeding. Drink lots of fluid, but avoid anything too cold. If necessary, you can apply an ice pack to your face for 20-minute intervals up to 48 hours after surgery. Do not blow your nose for two weeks if you received upper implants. Expect some slight bleeding for about two days after surgery. Expect your body temperature to rise one or two degrees after surgery. When you eat, avoid chewing directly over the bone graft.

After Impacted Tooth Extraction

Expect mild discomfort and swelling after surgery to remove an impacted tooth. Use cold compresses to ease the swelling. Dr. Trinh-Pham will prescribe pain medication that you should take as needed. You should also modify your diet by eating softer foods for a few days to facilitate healing.

Multiple Tooth Extraction

After multiple-tooth extraction, you will likely experience swelling inside your mouth and swelling or discoloration around your eye. You can alleviate swelling with a warm compress. You may also have a sore throat from the sore muscles near your extraction site. The corners of your mouth may be dry and cracked from being stretched open during surgery. A follow-up appointment with Dr. Trinh-Pham 48 hours after surgery will give you the opportunity to discuss any post-surgery symptoms that concern you.


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